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Is your car using more fuel that it used to? 

It is not uncommon for cars, over time, to use an incorrect mix of air and fuel.  If your fuel/air mixture becomes too 'rich' your car will use more fuel than necessary.  Conversely, if your car becomes 'lean' it is not using as much fuel as it should, resulting in the car running roughly.  By putting your car on our Dyno, we can check your fuel / air mixture and make sure that your car is running as efficiently as possible.  As part of this 'tune', we also replace your spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter.  If you feel your car is just not running as well as it normally does, give us a call and we can book you in for a tune. 

Our professional and friendly team has provided high quality tune-ups, as well as mechanical services and repairs, to vehicles across Canberra for over three decades.

We pride ourselves on our honest and reliable work ethic across all automotive services including brake and clutch replacement, suspension, air conditioning, new car logbook servicing, automotive batteries and any specialised vehicle repairs.

COURTESY CARS available for your convienience, please request when you book your vehicle in. (Mitchell only).

Dynotune is a one stop shop for all your vehicle needs:

  • New car servicing
  • General servicing & repairs
  • Tyre & wheel alignment
  • Brakes & clutches
  • Steering & suspension
  • Batteries
  • Radiators
  • Auto electrical
  • Air conditioning
  • Diagnostics
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Dynamometer & Tuning
A Dynamometer is used to perform a dyno tune. Dyno tuning is a high quality, fine tune up for your engine, providing...
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What our cutomers say
I love the fact that Scott and the boys know me and my cars so well, after using them for nearly 8 years now. I know...
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